Kaina Pasteur

Kaina Pasteur





Kaina Pasteur is a paralegal with NY Elder Law Group a firm specializing in Estate Planning (Trusts, Wills Powers of Attorney, and Heath Care Proxies) Medicaid Planning and Medicaid applications; Probate and Administration proceedings with Surrogate’s Court.

Ms. Pasteur is a magna cum laude graduate from Berkeley College earning her bachelor's degree in only three years. Before working with our firm, Ms. Pasteur had always had a passion for the law and had hopes of applying her passion to aid and benefit many lives in any way that she could. Her passion only increased over the years as she grew up to watch her beloved home country filled with injustice crumple piece by piece. Determined to make a change, in 2020, she interned with ‘The Legal Aid Society’ where she learned the basic skills needed to begin her career as a paralegal. As she accompanied attorneys to the courtroom, she truly realized how much of an impact proper representation and care can have on people's lives and it became her goal to dedicate her career to being of service to the people who need it. She envisions a world of justice; one where everyone is heard and is treated kindly with proper representation that does not rely solely on the monetary value of the case but on the change that the people deserve.