The Hunger Strike to End 24-Hour Shifts

Disclaimer: Content was originally posted on New York Magazine

Nu Jun Zhu, a home-care attendant, worked grueling 24-hour shifts for over a year, often caring for patients without adequate rest or pay. Despite her deteriorating health and emotional distress from being away from her family, she continued her demanding job. Now, she's part of a movement demanding an end to these exhausting shifts. Zhu and other home-care workers, organized by groups like Ain’t I a Woman?!, are rallying for legislation that would split the 24-hour shifts into more manageable 12-hour shifts. This bill aims to protect workers' health and ensure better care for patients. While City Hall debates its authority over these shifts, these workers are taking drastic action, including hunger strikes, to push for change. Despite the challenges, they remain resilient in their fight for fair working conditions and dignity. Read more HERE.

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