How to Prepare a Will

Preparing your will with the help of an experienced and knowledgeable attorney can help prolong your and your family's legacy and finances. While some individuals think they are too young or too financially barren to begin preparing a will, it's important that you know the benefits of creating your will, no matter your personal or financial situation.

What is a Will?

A will is a legally prepared and binding document that reveals an individual's asset distribution intentions after death. 

AtNY Elder Law Group, we can help you create a will that gives peace of mind and solve your complex estate planning needs. We understand the impact a well-crafted will has on the future of your assets, heirs, and surviving spouse. Therefore, we are ready to help you create a thoughtful plan for your loved one's future.

Preparing a Will

The first step to consider when planning and preparing a will is to identify and outline the recipients of your assets. 

The next thing to appoint is a representative or the executor. The executor's role is to administer your wishes as indicated in the will. Often, this may involve notifying the beneficiaries, outlining the estate value, and distributing the property. 

After signing your will, you will need to store it safely. It is a safe bet to keep your will in a fireproof safe, holding it with your New York wills attorney or in an online document storage facility. After you and your counsel have reviewed your will, you do not remove any staples and never store your will in a bank safe deposit box. 

The Importance of Using a Lawyer to Write a Will

While there are a lot of templates and videos online detailing how to write your own will, lawyers advise against it. Online tools might help you save money, but without the correct legal counsel, can you trust that they are going to get the job done? Therefore, avoiding the "do-it-yourself" approach and hiring an estate planning attorney is always advisable. 

If you don't have a legally binding will at the time of your death, children below 18 years will be appointed a guardian by the courts if no other parental figure is present. The court will have discretion in determining who inherits your property, and your post-life wishes will likely not be respected. 

A New York Wills Attorney Will Help You:

  • Address all aspects of your estate plan
  • Ensure your will is legally binding
  • Reduce your heirs' or beneficiaries' tax burden
  • Safeguard your interests

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