A Guide to Medicaid Home Care in New York: How to Beat the System at Its Own Game to Get the Care You or Your Loved One Needs

The way of providing and paying for home care for our seniors in New York is complicated and unwieldy. This book lays out what the home care landscape in New York looks like and how to maneuver around the many obstacles. The author, Lori R. Somekh, Esq., is an elder law attorney who has been assisting clients get Medicaid home care for the better part of three decades. Change is the only constant in the Medicaid program. The Medicaid program is what we use to fill in the gap that we, as a society, left open as far as how long-term care gets paid for. But for the Medicaid program, seniors who need care would be going bankrupt in record numbers. Nevertheless, the Medicaid program is fraught with complexities, constant attempts by the state and federal governments to gut it and all kinds of myths and misconceptions about eligibility. In this book, the author walks the reader through the process of getting care in place and shines a light on some of the aspects of the “system” that keep people dazed and confused.

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